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Shoe Materials/pub


Vegetable-tanned buffalo leather with pull-up effect that has been treated with oil and wax. Scratches and irregularities in this leather are characteristic of the material. The colour will get darker with wear and exposure to sunlight. The dye can stain your feet, especially when used unlined.


Colours for pub

  • espresso

  • grey

  • khaki

  • spring

  • militare

  • olive

  • granit

  • cuoio

  • wine

  • red

  • orange

  • flesh

  • lila

  • blue

  • petrol

  • forest

  • camel

Care Instruction pub

Vegetable-tanned leathers are extremely sensitive to humidity. Therefore, wipe dirt off gently using a soft cloth. Moisture - both from inside or outside - can leave marks and result in colour changes. Liquids like oil and even dirt can also leave irreversible stains on the leather.

Do not overdo the use of shoe care products, as this can block the leather pores and result in colour changes. For the occasional care of all plain leathers we recommend, for example, "Collonil Waterstop Colours". Small scratches can be treated with matching shoe polish.

If you notice a thin white layer on the leather, this is no cause for concern. It is only surplus wax that can be easily removed. This process is even easier if you heat up the shoes carefully for a moment using a hair dryer.