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Why repairs?

We believe that transparency and sustainability have to continue with the customer.

This means that the product has to be durable to make it last and avoid unnecessary waste. Shoes are a very complex product that consists of many different materials and it is very difficult to dispose of them ecologically, therefore we offer our customers the possibility to resole and fix worn-out shoes in our workshop to prolong their life.

We are huge advocates of the philosophy to choose well, buy less and make it last.

Is my Trippen shoe repairable?

The various components of Trippen shoes can be very easily exchanged and replaced. We offer a comprehensive repair service for all Trippen shoes, which includes but is not limited to the following: sole/insole replacement, zipper replacement, heel lining replacement, re-sewing of ripped seams, and more! You are welcome to simply ship us your shoes with a note, and our repair team will complete all possible repairs after assessing the item.
Normal processing time for repairs is around 8-10 weeks.
See price list at the bottom of this page.

How do I ship my Trippen shoes for repair?

1.    Write us a note describing the repairs you would like us to do
2.    Include your email address, delivery shipping address and desired payment method
3.    Pack both the right and left shoe of the pair into a box with your note
4.    Ship to the following address:

Trippen direkt GmbH
Industriestrasse 8
16792 Zehdenick

Important shipping instructions:
•    If you live outside the EU, please label the package as:
"goods with no commercial value, value for customs purpose only, shoes for repair, value less than 50 Euros."
•    please never mark the parcel as "returned goods" because this often leads to delays and extra costs due to customs problems

When and how do I pay for the repairs?

Our repair team will complete the requested repairs once your item has arrived in our workshop. After the repairs are finished, an invoice will be sent to you detailing all costs, including shipping back to you. If you gave us your email address, the invoice will be emailed to you immediately. If not, a paper copy of your invoice will be sent by mail.
We cover the cost of shipping within Germany. Shipping items back to a European country will cost an additional 12 - 25 Euros, and for overseas shipments it will cost 25 - 45 Euros.
We offer payment via PayPal, bank transfer and credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express). The data for these payments will be sent together with the invoice and once we have received your payment, your shoes be shipped to the stated delivery address.

Please be advised that you may be charged a small customs fee if your repaired shoes are being shipped back to you from outside the EU, and the invoice amount is above the threshold stated by your local government. Shipments being sent to us from outside the EU also do sometimes incur a small customs fee, which is billed to Trippen since we are the ‘recipient’. This amount will be added to your invoice for the repair costs though, since we do not cover this cost. We thank you very much for your understanding in this matter.

We look forward to repairing your shoes!


Price list (pair prices):

Resoling Closed/Gritt/Trace: 67€
Resoling of wooden styles: 35€
Resoling Cup/Sport/Box/Swan/Wave: 82€
Resoling Penna/Happy/Splitt/Geisha/x+os: 70€
Resoling x+os/Penna - sandals: 82€
Footbed Cup: 30€
Heel lining: 17€
Heel lining for high boots: 20€
Zipper up to 20 cm: 40€
Zipper between 20-30 cm: 53€
Zipper from 30 cm: 67€
Velcro fastener: 18€
Toe strap (Zen): 23€

Stiching (simple): 9€
Stiching (moderately difficult): 18€
Stiching (difficult, as f.ex. with Alpin or Blow): 23€
Leather crack: 18-35€.