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Trippen x Michael sontag


Michael Sontag x Trippen




The designer Michael Sontag sees his work as an entity. Therefore he prefers not to define his fashion as a collection, but rather as his general “work”. Sontag sees his production process as fluent. The transitions from season to season build upon each other. His presentations are snap-shots without a static character, instead of being reckoned as an attempt respectively an offer. With this approach the designer wants to blur the common fashion bor- ders and create a generality detached from fash- ion parameters such as seasons, trends and con- sumer ages. This approach is evident in the clarity of his designs. Designs which have never been drawn came to life on mannequins through Sontag’s drapery work.



Wrap f          Wrap m







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Fold T x MS f





Fold T x MS f