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Press Clippings

Would you like to set up an interview, are you looking for a particular image or do you have a sample request? Please contact:

Lena Demske, Public Relations, Trippen A. Spieth, M. Oehler GmbH,
T +49 30 280 49 355, press@trippen.com



L'Officiel August 2020
Editorial with Trippenshoes in L'Officiel
Photo: Jaan Eric Fischer by Kathrin Hohberg, Styling: Izabela Macoch, H&M: Norbert Cheminel, Model: Leonie Hertel, Car Bistram, Driver: Stefan, Pauline, Christopher, Laura
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The September Issue May 2020
Editorial with Trippen x Iris van Herpen Styles
Photo: Fee Gloria-Grönmeyer, Fashion Direction: Lisa Jarvis, Make up: Annabelle Petit, Hair: Sadek L, Producer: Lars Beppler, set design: Eric Mestman
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French Fries Magazine January 2020
Editorial in French Fries Magazine Photo: Grzegorz Bacinski, Izabella Chrobok, Keyi Studio, Model: Alyssa, Make Up: Luca Ueding, Styling: Izabella Chrobok
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Luxiders Magazine June 2020
Editorial in Luxiders Magazine
Creative Direction & Production: Luxiders, Photo: Jens Wittwer, Stylist: Belvis Soler, Stylist Assistant: Alejandra Espinosa Models: Ana Taku, Atusa Kafari, Erik Engel, Hubert Ramsel, H&M: Rebecca Schmitz
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Stories Collective Magazine February 2020
Editorial in Stories Collective Magazine
Photo: Julia von der Heide, Kreative Direktion & Styling: Mariana Lourenco, Makeup: Samantha Pottmaier, Hair: Jean Battirola, Models: Sharda , Layla



Harpers Bazaar Arabia May 2020
Editorial for Harpers Bazaar Arabia with Trippen x Iris van Herpen Styles
Photo: Luìs Monteiro, Model: Alexina Graham, Styling: Kristine Kitly, Make-up: Julie Jacobs, Hair: Christopher Gatt at David Artists, Set design: Marco Turcich, Set design: Antonello Corvaro, Photography Assistant: Rachel Marquesl, Fashion Assistant: Sanda Bell, Retouching: Luis Monterio
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Lovesome June 2020
Photo: Pernille Sandberg, Styling: Laurem Steel, H&M: Miriam Jochims, Models: Stephanie Hack, Sonja Klinge
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Keyi Magazine January 2020
Photography: Grzegorz Bacinski, Izabella Chrobok Keyi Studio, Model: Alexandra @aatypi, Make Up: Christine Be, Hair: Magdalena Cichonska, Styling: Izabella Chrobok
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Luxiders Magazine January 2020
Creative Direction & Production: Luxiders, Photo: Jens Wittwer, Stylist: Belvis Soler, Models: Josephin Hamm, Charmie Pfeffer, Muah Patti Lu, Team Assistant & Illustration: Ella Kaimer
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UY June 2020
Lookbookshooting of UY with Trippen Shoes © UY Studio



Angeleno March 2020
Article about Founder of Sigil Patrick Kelly in Trippen shoes
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Trippen x Iris van Herpen January 2020
Shoe-Cooperation with Iris van Herpen for her Couture Fashion Show in Paris
Photos: © Iris van Herpen, © Nowfashion


Hart Magazine January 2020
Editorial Seemann in Hart Magazine
Photo: Niklas van Schwarzdorn, Styling: Léon C. Romeike, H&M: Nikolas Paroutis, Model: Petr Devaikin


Luxiders Magazine January 2020
Creative Direction & Production LUXIDERS Photo: Golda Fruhmann, Video: Jens Wittwer, Styling: Belvis Soler, Models: Ines L, Tanya Chubko, H&M: Axelle Jerina
Find the editorial here


Neo Fashion Show January 2020
Trippenshoes at Neo Fashion Show Berlin combined with clothes of different designers
Photo: © KOWA-Berlin @neofashion.de, Styling: Yevheniia Luchko, Charlotte Schwarzer, Linda Herrmann, Meriska Aurelia Suparmann


Neonyt January 2020
Trippenshoes at Neonyt Fashionshow 20/21


Trippen x Hydra January 2020
Shoe-cooperation of Trippen and Hydra and event in P100 with Performance


Luxiders Magazine January 2020
Editorial with Trippen shoes for Luxiders Magazine
Creative Direction & Production: Luxiders, Photo: Kathrin Leisch, Styling: Belvis Soler, Models: Elena Theresa Walch, Samira Mahboub, Romy Gaines, Yashvi, H&M: Rebecca Schmitz,Team Assistant: Ella Kraimer
Find the Editorial here


Viviers January 2020
Viviers MBFW Show with Trippenshoes Photos: © Stefan Knauer, Viviers


Duel January 2020
Editorial in Duel Magazine Photo: Christopher Paul @msp_shotsfired, Styling: Sandra Hemmink @sandrahemmink, Stylist assistant: Livia De Franco @23feetaboveyourhead, M&H: Yuichiro Kamei @kamme555, Models: Lisa @lisalehrerr, Paavo @paavo_rocco Find the editorial here


Textil Mitteilungen January 2020
Editorial in Textil Mitteilungen
Photo: Petra Fischer, Assistant: Joshua Praemassing, Styling: Sabine Berlipp,
H&M: Sabine Hoegerl, Model: Magdalena Noicka, Concept & Production: Kristin Walzel


Try walking in my shoes Januar 2020
Cross-Couture Projekt von Frau Wagner & der Modeschule Berlin
Foto: © Frau Wagner


Pap Magazine December 2019
Photographer and Creative Direction: Amani Yasmin, Videographer and editor: Sahar Rana,
Styling: Carla Candela, H&M: Maureen Posadas, Photography
Assistant: Caitlin & Helia Abbaszadeh, Model: Syd Duffy & Charlie Wang
Zum Editorial


Don Arentino December 2020
Trippenshoes combined with Designs of Don Arentino
Photo: © Don Arentino


Textilwirtschaft 2019
Article about Trippen by Anja Probe


Lie Ning December 2019
Newcomer Pop Singer Lie Ning in Trippen Shoes


Nobless Couture 2019
Shooting of Nobless Couture
Photo: @motohiko_hasui, Model : @by_takato, Styling : @noblesscouture


Kaltblut Magazine November 2019
Editorial with Trippenshoes in Kaltblut Magazine
Photo: © Anna Breit, Fashion: Florian Máthé, H&M: Anca Oprin
Models: Magda Gvelesiani, Theresa Gmachl
Zum Editorial


Project of Sepideh Ahadi October 2019
Photo: Joana Krawczyk, Designer: Sepideh Ahadi, Performer and Model: Maura Baiocchi, Video: Ezra Simons


Lost Souls of Saturn - The Awakening 2019


VUE 2019
Editorial with Trippenshoes in VUE Photo: © Marcus Paarmann, Styling: MM13 of AMD Berlin with Julia Quante, H&M: Debo, Models: Lisa J., Belail und Alexander, Paavo, Lucie P.


Hart Magazine September 2019
Editorial in Hart Magazine with Trippenshoes
Photo & Video: Agustin Farias @agustinfar, Fashion Producer: Jes Levy @jesicalevy,
Styling: Raki Fernandez @dressedbyraki, Photo and Video Assistant: Virginia Hernandez,
Models: Stacia Roz, Alexis Barbera
Find the editorial here


7585 September 2019
Shooting of 7585 with Trippenshoes Photo: © Alice Wonder, Fashion: 7585, Models: Dennis Adamsi Anthony Loebach, Ana Cianna


Vogue September 2019
Fashion editorial in Vogue
Photo: Noémi Ottilia Szabo, Styling: Lyla Cheng, Model: Sophie Klock, Make-up: Maria Ehrlich, Set designer: Miren Oller, Assistence: Alina Bosnoyan, Valentina Risalit Find the editorial here


NAUT September 2019
Campaign Shooting and Fashion Show during Prag Fashion Week
Photo: Roman Nguyen © Naut


Vogue September 2019
Fashion editorial in Vogue
Photo: Noémi Ottilia Szabo, Photo Assistant Nona Van de Peer, Styling : Lyla Cheng, Styling Assistant: Anna Céline Blum, Alexandra Harrison, Model: Luca Aimee, Hair: Helena Narra, Make Up: Sandra Flöther, Set Design: Rebecca Martin, Set Design Assistant: Sandro de Mauro


Artmine 2019 Article about Berlin Art by Chang Youngsung


Trippen x Michael Sontag
Cooperation with Berlin Designer Michael Sontag
Photo: Fredrik Altinell, Model: Aria


7585 September 2019
Shooting of 7585 with Trippen Shoes
Photo: Alice Wonder ©7585


Flanelle Magazine August 2019
Fashioneditorial in Flanelle Magazine
photo: Renata Kats, styling: Cylia Dorra, model: Maa Girard, h&m: Vietcuong Hoang
Find the Editorial here


Nobi Talai SS20 Lookbook July 2019
Lookbook of Nobi Talai with Trippen shoes
Photos: © Nobi Talai


Textil Mitteilung July 2019
Fashioneditorial with Trippenshoes
photo: Petra Fischer, styling: Sabine Berlipp, h&m: Kerstin Hüsges, model: Eva-Marie Mulder, Seeds Models production: Kristin Walzel


Fashion Street Berlin July 2019
Article about Neonyt Show with Trippen shoes
Find the Article here


Nicholas K SS20 Show July 2019
Fashion Show of Nicholas K with Trippen shoes
photos: © Nicholas K


Nobi Talai SS20 Show July 2019
Fashionshow with Trippen shoes
photos: © Nobi Talai



This is Jane Wayne July 2019
Article about Nobi Talai Show with Trippen shoes
Find the Article here


Volition Magazine July 2019
Fashion Editorial in Volition Magazin
photo: Adriana Kovacs, creative director: Sophie Eilenberger, model: Lia h&m: Max Weis , stylist: Maria Albini, production assistant: Valentin Heinz & Luka Frkanec
Find the Editorial here



Neonyt SS20 Show July 2019
Neonyt Fashion Show SS20 with Trippenshoes
photos: © Neonyt



Schön Magazine June 2019
Fashioneditorial Pipe Dreaming with Trippenshoes
photo: Phillip Pusch, styling: Danny Muster, model: Hanna Fischer h&m: Hendrik Gebhardt, set: Marvin
Find the Editorial here


Hart Magazine June 2019
Editorial in HART Magazine
photo: Niklas van Schwarzdorn, styling: Léon C. Romeike, h&m: Rocco Kowalski, Chrissie Moissl, models: Aracil, Marco Hunger, Erik Szynkowski, Kaey Kiel, styling Assistance: Raffa David



Tagesspiegel January 2019
Article about the Neonyt Show and Trippen Shoes


Nicholas K June 2019
Lookbookshooting with Trippen shoes
photo: © Nicholas K


Daniel Kluth June 2019
Lookbookshooting of Designer Daniel Kluth
designer: Daniel Kluth, creative director: Namal Lanka, photo: Alessandro Schneider,
stylist: Gala Cabrera, hair stylist: Kieron Fowles, make-up: Rosie Goldfarb


Neonyt Fashion Show July 2019
RZ Rheiderland, Ostfriesische Nachrichten, Osnabrücker Zeitung January 2019
Article about the Neonyt Show with Trippenshoes


Voom June 2019
Editorial with Trippenshoes in Voom Magazine
photo: Steven Kohlstock, h&m: Nicola Kurdziel, styling: Lauren Steel
Find the Editorial here


Nicholas K June 2019
Lookbookshooting with Trippen shoes
Photo: © Nicholas K


Church of the Hand April 2019
Performance-Show of Church of the Hand with Trippenshoes
photos: © Church of the Hand


Voom April 2019
Editorial in Voom Magazine
photo: Steven Kohlstock, h&m: Nicola Kursziel, styling: Lauren Steel, models: Robee Breevaart, Suzannah Tostevin, Julika, Hannah Moser
Find the Editorial here


UY April 2019
photos: © UY
Find pictures of UY here


Ship Sheip January 2019
Lookbook Shooting ShipSheip featuring Trippenshoes
photo: Christoph Schnedler, h&m: Maria Schenker, model: Luisa


Alberto Zambelli AW 2019
Alberto Zambelli Runwayshow
photos: © Alberto Zambelli


Tauko January 2019
Lookbookshootig Tauko
photo: Laura Oja


Neonyt Fashion Show January 2019
Trippen Shoes at Neonyt Fashion Show


Buy good Stuff January 2019
Fair Fashion Shopping Guide



Voom January 2019
Editorial in Voom Magazine with Trippen Model „Casual“
photo: Steven Kohlstock, styling: Lauren Victoria Craig, model: Stephan Schmied


Sepideh Ahadi AW 2019
Sepideh Ahadi Lookbook AW 2019 featuring Trippenshoes
creative director and fashion stylist: Miguel Maldonado, photo: Erdem Akkaya, make-up artist: Kateryna, jewelry: Nazanin Ebadi, models: Susana Abdul Majid & Anahita Sadighi, set design: Sepideh Ahadi Team in a collaboration whit Miguel Maldonado and Anahita Sadighi



Nobless Couture Lookbook SS19
Lookbook Shooting of noblesscouture AC-19 1 Lookbook
photos: @stephen.tayo



Michael Sontag Lookbook SS19
Cooperation with Michael Sontag
photos: © Fredrik Altinell, model: Laura Winter, photo assistant: Belén Rovegno, h&m: Franci



Duel Magazine December 2018
Editorial in Duel Magazine with Trippen x Situationist Shoes
photo: Alexandre Felix, photo assistant: Nicole Doberstein, set designer: Stefani Grau, set designer assistant: Nate Helmerick, styling: Danny Muster, make up artist: Helena Kapidzic at Liganord, hair stylist: Attila Kenyeres model: Maj Van Der Ven
Find the Editorial here


Jute Magazine December 2018
Editorial in Duel Magazine with Trippen x Situationist Shoes
photo: Maiken Staak, stylist: Danny Muster, h&m: Ana Buvinic @ Basics Berlin, model: Laura @ M4 Model Management, styling assistant: Stefanie Walk
Find the Editorial here


The Impression 2018
Fashion Editorial
photos: © Aglaja Brix & Florian Maas, styling: Madelaine Derose Schäfer, model: Sonja Klinge, h&m: Natalia Soboleva
Find the Editorial here


Kluid Mag 2018
photo: Heidi Rondak, model: Emma Reipert, styling: Konstantinos Gkoumpetis, h&m: Rocco Kowalski
Find the Editorial here


OE 2018
Fashion Editorial Every Time in OE Magazine featuring Trippen x Michael Sontag Style
photo: © Claudia Grassl, styling: Julia Freitag, model: Sabina Ruegg, styling assistants: Daniela Schmitz, Leonie Wessel, photo assistant: Mona Shatry


Cake Magazine 2018
Fashion Editorial Blue Magic in Cake Magazine featuring Trippen x Michael Sontag Style
photos: © Theresa Sutter, styling: Heike Held, model: Anna-Maria Nemetz, h&m: Natalia Vermeer
Find the Editorial here


Achtung Magazine
Fashion Editorial in Achtung Magazine featuring Trippen x Michael Sontag Style
photos: © Suzana Holtgrave, styling: Anita Krizanovic, h&m: Rocco Kowalski, H&M assistance: Meike Ewend, Model: Toni Leder
Find the Editorial here


Gala Dezember 2018
Wanderlust in Gala Magazine with the Trippen x Michael Sontag Boots
photos: © Andreas Ortner, styling: Birgit Schlotterbeck


OE 14.11.2018
Fashion Editorial in OE Magazine featuring shoes of the Trippen x Situationist Cooperation
photos: © Christine Lutz, styling: Constanze Doebber, model: Jordan McMahon H&M: Jacquelin Bruin
Find the editorial here


Inside Movie November 2018
directed by Jeremy Carne & Nikolas Kasinos, cinematography: Péter Garajszki, stylist: Halla Farhat, colourist: Valerio Liberatore, production & post: Ouroboros Studio, Co-produced: Darkbright Film, gaffer: Christoph Neuhaus, h&m: Nicholas Serenio, cast: Dorothea Tomsits, Saeam Kwoon
Find the Video here


Salve 10.11.2018
Fashion Editorial the Ritual in Salve Magazine
photos: © Krentz Photography, styling: Sabine Berlipp, model: Leksi, hair: Julia Beckers make-up: Walter Denechere
Find the Editorial here


Schön 26.10.18
Editorial in Schön magazine with Trippen Shoe Untitled
photo & direction: Ämr Ezzeldinn, styling: Sandra Hemmink, fashion assistants: Carla Pedersen and Livia De Franco, h&m: Eavan D, Models. Charleen Weiss, Diana Moroz, Leslie Löwenherz, Maca Cox, Nicole Gregorczuk, Stella Klein
Find the Editorial here


Nicholas K AW 18/19
Cooperation with Nicholas K for their AW18/19 Lookbook


Alberto Zambelli 19.09.2018
Alberto Zambelli Fashion Show
photo: © Alberto Zambelli


Schuhmarkt August 2018
Article about the P100 Project Space in Schuhmarkt


UY Lookbook 2018
Lookbook Shooting 2018 of UY featuring Trippen shoes Photos: © UY Studio


House of Malakai July 2018
mAlAkAi wearing Trippen Style Line
photo: © mAlAkAi


Textil Mitteilung 13.07.2018
Article in Textil Mitteilungen about Trippen‘s 25th anniversary


Objectra July 2018
Objectra Fashion Show with Trippenshoes
photo: Louis Fernandez


Fomme SS19
Show of Fomme during Paris Fashionweek with Trippenshoes
photos: © Fomme


Luxiders Magazine 13.07.2018
Fashion Editorial in Luxiders Magazine featuring Trippen Style Bollard and Dock
photos: © Mirja Zentraf, Styling: Luxiders Magazine, Photo Assistant: Hieronymus Ahrens Model: Lolita Kupper
Find the editorial here


OE July 2018
Fashion Editorial in OE Magazine with Trippen x Michael Sontag Style
photo: © Dunja Antic, styling: cwojdi, model: Nina Kettiger, h&m: Anke Wolfert
Find the Editorial here


Luxiders July 2018
Fashion Editorial in Luxiders Magazine featuring Trippen Style Uniform, Bollard & Flipper
photos: © Fee-Gloria Groenemeyer, styling: Luxiders Magazine, model: Vero Baumeister, Louis Walter Poll, Chiara Sampaio Diwald Luca Mogilka, h&m Karoline Löwe
Find the editorial here


Green Showroom July 2018
Greenshowroom Fashion Show with Trippen shoes


Aleks Kurkowski 22.07.18
Fashion Show of Aleks Kurkowski featuring Trippen Styles
photos: © Alekz Kurkowski


Step 29.06.2018
Article in Step Magazine about Trippen‘s 25th Anniversary


The Forumist 28.05.2018
Fashion Editorial in the forumist featuring Trippen shoes
photos: © Sarah Engler, styling: Lauren Victoria Steel, h&m: Bülent Musdu, model: Luisa Weissflog
Find the Editorial here


Ansinth May 2018
Fashion Editorial in Ansinth Magazine
photos: © Davit Giorgadze, styling: Erik Raynal, h&m: Dushan Petrovic


Situationist April 2018
AW 18/19 Cooperation with Situationist for their Presentation and Lookbook


Achtung Mode
Article by Rebecca Koppitz
Read the Article here


Schoenvisie 2018
The Trippen Flex in Schoenvisie Magazine


Kaltblut April 2018
Fashion Editorial in Kaltblut Magazine
photos: © Burak Isseven, Concept & Set Design: Giullia Munari, Model: Tarren Johnson H&M: Patricia Hoos, Styling: Raki Fernandez & Madeleine Matysek
Find the Editorial here


OE March 2018
Fashion Editorial in OE Magazine featuring Trippen Style Dock
photos: © Christine Lutz, styling: Constanze Doebber, model: Naom Larbi h&m: Evelyn Innerhofer
Find the Editorial here


Asia Fushion February 2018
Fashion Editorial in Asia Fusion Magazine with Trippen's anniversary-edition styles Bollard & Dock
photos: © Christina Hasenauer, styling: Daniel Goletz, model: Laura, H&M: Ana Buvinic


Textil Mitteilungen March 2018
Article about the Trippen x Situationist cooperation
Find the Article here


Unflop Paper February 2018
"Young heads" fashion editorial in Unflop Paper featuring Trippen style »Turbo«.
photo: © Byron Mollinedo, styling: Andrea Horn, styling assistant: Christina Hasenauer, hair & make-up: Yvonne Wengler @ Bigoudi, model: Fryd Resting @ Izaiomanagement


Style in Progress January 2018
Fashion Editorial in „Style in Progress“
photo: © Mitja Arzensek, styling: Sabine Berlipp, hair: Sasha Schuette, make-up: Gabrille Theurer


Refinery29 January 2018
Artikel auf Refinery29 mit Trippen Style Flux
photos: © Joanna Catherine Schröder /Lalegid
Read the full article here


VUE/Berlin January 2018
Fashion Editorial in VUE/Berlin featuring styles of Trippen's Limited collection.
photos & artwork: © Anka Bardeleben, styling: Edda Mann, hair & make-up: Patricia Heck



Offblack Magazine December 2017
Fashion Editorial in Offblack Magazine
photos: © Arcin Sagdic, styling: Erik Rayanal, model: Joachim Palsby


Brand eins
Article about Trippen
Find the Article here



Unflop Paper December 2017
Fashion Editorial „All that Glitter“ in Unflop Magazine featuring Trippen Style Dock
photos: © Byron Mollinedo, styling: Andrea Horn, model: Naom Larbi, assistants: Rachel Srodecki, Christina Hasenauer
Find the editorial here


Marie Claire Mexico November 2017
Fashion Editorial in Marie Claire Mexico featuring Trippen x Michael Sontag model »Fold High«
photo: © Izack Morales, styling: Lisa Filippini, stylist's assistant: Joan Tran Hieu, make-up: Berenice Ammann, hair: Eduardo Bravo, model: Masha @ TFM berlin



The Clique Suite November 2017
Fashion Editorial in The Clique Suite featuring Trippen x Michael Sontag Boots
photos: © Christine Lutz, styling: Constanze Doebber, model: Daria Milky, h&m: Evelyn Innerhofer


Textil Wirtschaft 21.03.2018
Articles in Textil Wirtschaft
Find the Article here
Find the Article here


Popmonitor 27.03.18
Article about the P100 Concept Store
Find the Article here


XOXO November 2017
Fashion Editorial in XOXO Magazine
photos: © Burak Isseven, styling: Natasha Gro, model: Anna von Rueden


Solstice Magazine 22. 10. 2017
Fashion Editorial »I See You« in Solstice Magazine featuring Trippen model »Cart«
photo: © Jennifer Endom, styling: Nuria Gregori, stylist's assistant: Jennifer Heinen, hair & make-up: Jessica Karas Bay, model: Daniela Dominique @ M4 Models



Alpha Magazine October 2017
Fashion Editorial in Alpha Magazine
photo: © Mr&Mrs Mruk, styling: Anita Szymczak, model: Caro Niemiec, h&m: Koleta Gabrysiak


Schön October 2017
Fashion Editorial Drift Trough in Schön Magazine featuring Trippen Style Cart
photos: © Sarah Staiger, styling: Nuria Gregori, model: Julia Necker, h&m: Victoria Plekhanov


Greenpeace Magazine
Article in Greenpeace Magazine about Trippen
Read the Artikel here


KALTBLUT Oktober 2017
Fashion Editorial »Sterne Arctique« by Marcel Schlutt in KALTBLUT Magazine featuring Trippen model »Cart«
photo: © Izack Morales, styling: Charlotte Gindreau, model: Terese Nana Yaa @ Izaio Management, hair & make-up: Meilynn Lindlar
Find the Editorial here



L'OFFICIEL Australia October 2017
Fashion Editorial »Body Language« in der L'OFFICIEL Australien mit Trippen Modell »Brailer«
photo: © Lara Gilles, styling: Lisa Bender, models: Shona Lee @ Pearl Management, Zoe Willim @ Iconic Management, hair and make-up: Jennifer Galle



OE 25.09.2017
Fashion Editorial in OE Magazine featuring Trippen x Michael Sontag Style
photos: © Dunja Antic, styling: Izabela Macoch, model: Daniela, h&m: Patricia Heck
Find the editorial here


PEPPERMYNTA September 2017
Fashion Editorial in Peppermynta Paper featuring Trippen model »Rock«
photo: © Katharina Oppertshäuser, styling: Lesley Sevriens, model: Nina Hnizdo @ Core Management, hair and make-up: Evelyn Innerhofer @ Bigoudi, styling assistance: Pia Scheiber



Fashion Editorial »Original Essay« in CALEO MAGAZIN feat. Max Bender with Trippen style »Basket«.
photo: © Katja Kat, styling: Konstantinos Gkoumpetis, hair & hake up: Creative Beauty Company, model: Max Bender @ Kult Models



Michael Sontag Runway Show 14.07.2017
Michael Sontag SS18 Fashion Show
Photos: © Michael Sontag


HUF Magazine July 2017
Photo series in HUF Magazine featuring our summer styles »Tiger« and »Slack«.
photo: © Sebastian Busse, styling: Lauren V. Craig, hair & make-up: Claudia Fischer, models: Jason & Raina @ Iconic Management



METAL Magazine June 2017
Photo series »Sextimental« in METAL Magazine featuring Trippen x Michael Sontag Cooperation »Fold-High«.
photo: © Santiago Perez, styling: Venessa Arnold, model: Jessica Luostarinen @ M4 Models Management, hair and make up: Berenice Ammann Find the Editorial here



OE 23.06.2017
Fashion Editorial „In Search of Alice“ in OE Magazine featuring Trippen x Michael Sontag shoes
photos: © Alain Egues, styling: Annika Langer, M model: Marcela Vivian Russo, h&m: Artur Galeno, photo assistant: Yamila de Pico


Lovesome May 2017
Fashion Editorial Lovesome Magazine
photos: © Philip Hegger, styling: Robert Eberl, model: Jennifer, h&m: Dennis Brandt


lovesome Magazine April 2017
Photo shoot in lovesome Magazine featuring our Summer 2017 classic »Tiger«.
photo: © Per Florian Appelgren, styling & illustration: Jenny Gold @ Nina Klein, hair & make-up: Mel Goldmann @ Nina Klein, model: Hanne @ VDM Models



Mug Magazine 2018
Articles in Mug Magazine


LE MILE #22 April 2017
Picture of our style »Slope« in the Spring issue #N°22 of LE MILE magazine.
Photo: Ulrich Hartmann, Styling: Konstantinos Gkoumpetis



Fairknallt March 2017
Marie Nasemann featuring Trippen Style Tiger © Fairknallt


TextilWirtschaft February 2017
Article in issue no. 6 of TextilWirtschaft from 9th February 2017.



MADAME February 2017
Picture of the style »McCoy« in the February issue of MADAME.



Brigitte February 2017
Picture of Trippen's style »Rack« in issue no. 4 of Brigitte from February 2017.



DIVA February 2017
Picture of Trippen's style »Triple« in issue no. 271 of Austrian magazine DIVA from February 2017.



Fashion Today digital January 2017
FASHION TODAY digital photo shoot under the title »Shades of Grey«, featuring Trippen style »Void«.
photo: © Orion Dahlmann, production and styling: Karsten Pohlai.



MADAME December 2016
Picture of the style »Egypt« by Trippen for Michael Sontag in the December issue of MADAME.



LIFT magazine November 2016
Article on the newly opened Trippen store in Stuttgart in the November issue of LIFT magazine.



VANGARDIST #6 24. 10. 2016
Editor's Choice - Picture of the style »Layers« in the 6th issue of Austrian magazine VANGARDIST.



ModaiJa Portal Nowoczesnej Kobiety 15. 07. 2016
Artikel über Stylistin Ewelina Rydzynska und Trippen, hier zusammen mit Michael Oehler anlässlich der Präsentation des neuen Trippen-Partnershops in Warschau. Zum Artikel http://modaija.pl/ewelina-rydzynska-ambasadorka-niemieckiej-marki-trippen-polsce/



De Standaard Magazine 23. 04. 2016
Publication in the De Standaard Magazine, Belgium.



Le Figaro Style 11. 04. 2016
Article in Le Figaro with a picture of "Hut" (10).



LUST AUF GUT #67 08. 04. 2016
Publication in LUST AUF GUT magazine



A POP OF COLOUR January 2016
Editorial in the January issue of MMSCENE Magazine, Photo: @ Lucio Aru and Franco Erre, Styling: Dávid Kele, MakeUp Artist: Cindy Kaczmarczyk, Model: Leroy at IZAIO Management Berlin. Top: Reality Studio, Trousers: Richert Beil, Shoes: Trippen style Gospel.



Terrific Fashion 10. 12. 2015
The book written by Cristina Morozzi is about experimental fashion design includes a picture of the Trippen style "Ajar".



Fine Magazine November 2017
Article in the November issue of Fine magazine on the collaboration between Trippen and the REBIRTH PROJECT of Japanese actor Yusuke Iseya.



Deux Hommes December 2015
Fashion Editorial Spatial Desires
photos: © Ramin Deravian, styling: Sonia Chedly, h&m: Andrew Elek, model: Claudia, photo assistant: Shalice Schouten


De Standaard Magazine 17. 10. 2015
Publication in the De Standaard Magazine, Belgium.



tip supplement »Style« September 2015
Picture of Trippen's style »Blank« in the supplement »Style« of tip magazine Berlin from September 2015.



Deux Hommes 06. 08. 2015
Photo shoot published on Deux Hommes
photo: © Anna Daki, stylist: Dávid Kele, hair and makeup: Aennikin @ Nude Agency, model: Maria @ Iconic Models, coat and pants Aleks Kurkowski, Trippen style »Dream«.



VUE/Berlin Nr.9 04. 07. 2015
Photo shoot in the latest issue of VUE/Berlin
photo: © Sylwia Makris, styling & production: Elisa Gianna Gerlach, amongst others with Trippen style »Layers«.



Mug Magazine #25 01. 07. 2015
Article in Mug Magazine.



ELLE Japan No. 368 01. 06. 2015
BRANDS TO CHECK! in ELLE Japan, including, among others, Trippen styles »Zen«, »Nepal« and »Orinoco«.



Eclectic Magazine 01. 03. 2015
Editorial in the latest issue of Eclectic Magazine, photo: © Lucio Aru & Franco Erre, stylist: Veronika Dorosheva, amongst others with shoes by Trippen.



Louis Vuitton City Guide Berlin 01. 01. 2015
The latest issue of the Louis Vuitton city guide Berlin, among others, also recommends a visit to the Trippen Gallery.



CÓDIGO 01. 12. 2014
The latest issue of Mexican art, design and fashion magazine CÓDIGO, including amongst others an article about Trippen. Read more...



SCHUHVERLIEBT 15. 10. 2014
The latest issue of SCHUHVERLIEBT, including a portrait of Trippen.



We´re delighted to be part of SUPERIOR DIGITAL's editorial FASHION LOCALS - in cooperation with the LNFA Conceptstore at BIKINI Berlin. Have a look here... issuu.com/superiormagazine/docs/superior_digital_september_2014
photo: © Fabian Blaschke



FOCUS 26/14 23. 06. 2014
The latest trends from Berlin include a Trippen "XXL Bag".



EYESCREAM No.120 01. 04. 2014
Japanese lifestyle magazine EYESCREAM features "Regatta", a style from Trippen's Sport collection.



Workman Calendar 2014 Page a day 31. 03. 2014
Page a day Gallery Calendar by Workman Publishing, New York featuring an image of "Dream".



Exhibition catalogue "Birds of Paradise" 20. 03. 2014
Birds of Paradise Current exhibition in the ModeMuseum Antwerp on the application of plumes and feather in fashion, featuring, amongst others, creations by Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent, Ann Demeulemeester...
Pictured in the catalogue "Ibis", a style from our wooden range.

For further information on the exhibition please visit www.momu.be



KALTBLUT Magazine 01. 03. 2014
MUST WEAR The latest issue of KALTBLUT Magazine features pictures from Marc Stone's runway show at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. Together with Marc Stone clothing the models wear Tecidofino underwear and Trippen shoes. To the issue www.kaltblut-magazine.com



LUST AUF GUT #28 18. 02. 2014
LUST AUF GUT is not about high culture vs. design vs. knickknack. It is also not about classifications. Instaed it is about a holistic approach to culture. Find out more about the magazine at www.lust-auf-gut.de/magazine/zum-blaettern/muenchen-nr-28.html



Trade Journal "Schuhkurier" 12.11.13
Article on the occasion of Trippen's nomination for the German Federal Ecodesign Award 2013. You can find more information on the award at http://www.bundespreis-ecodesign.de



"Der Fritz" 09. 07. 2013
The magazine for culture and lifestyle on a visit to our production in Zehdenick. To the article http://www.hilker-berlin.de/de/familie/alltag/trippen



OE magazine Issue 4 Winter 2012
Photo shoot in the 4th issue of OE magazine, featuring, amongst others, shoes by Trippen.
Photo: Jan Mielke



VIEW2 magazine / Winter 10.11
Article on Trippen's philosophy in the 09 issue of VIEW2 magazine.



VOGUE UK / 01. 04. 2010
UK Vogue featuring a pair of Trippen's »South«.
Photo © Patrick Demarchelier