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Shoe Materials/lav


Chrome-tanned, denim-lined goat or sheepskin that is washed at high temperatures and subsequently dyed by hand. The result of this time-consuming process is a batik effect with uneven colouring that makes every shoe unique. Unfortunately this high fashion material does not meet the usual Trippen quality standard. The colour can bleed and the leather can stretch unevenly. For us this material is to be understood as a piece of art. Not recommended for people with chrome allergies.


Colours for lav

  • black

  • brown

  • garage

  • sun

  • jeans

  • laguna

  • beton

  • dawn

  • azur

Care Instruction lav

Wipe dirt off gently using a soft cloth. On light colours the use of waterproofing spray and shoe care products can result in colour changes. Dark colours can be maintained with a gentle shoe polish and a soft cloth.

Moisture - both from inside or outside - can leave marks and result in colour changes. Liquids like oil and even dirt can also leave irreversible stains on the leather.