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Shoe Materials/mse


Chrome-tanned nubuck leather. Tumbled and treated richly with oil; therefore extremely soft in its look and surface feel. Not recommended for people with chrome allergies.


Colours for mse

  • black

  • zinc

  • espresso

  • cuoio

  • vert

  • navy

  • forest

  • fog

  • notte

  • bleu

  • camel

  • orange

Care Instruction mse

Nubuck leather is sensitive to moisture and staining and rather difficult to clean and thus should be treated with waterproofing spray prior to use. Slight stains can be cleaned using a suede brush or a special nubuck cleaning block. The light colours are particularly delicate and very difficult to clean. Some stains such as grass or oily liquids cannot be removed at all. Nubuck leather should never be treated with shoe polish.