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Lookbook HW19.20


Building side - thriving on, inspired by chaos


The new Autumn/Winter 19/20 collection doesn’t bear the name ‚Building site‘ entirely by chance. After all, those seeking ch- ange are required to prepare for potential chaos. Chaos is by no means an inherently negative concept.

As we dig, we discover forgotten elements, and fetch them back to the surface. Beginnings go hand in hand with the old, the new and the un nished. These are joined by ideas, approaches and goals which swirl around the space we inhabit, generating pressure. The temporary state of emergency. Chaos forces us to create a new order. However, the goal is to use the chaos to thrive, to grow, to develop.

In our preliminary photographic work, destined primarily to dictate the colour compositions present in our new collection, a va- gue play on different structures, shapes and contrasts emerges. The snapshot of confusion, which rapidly appears to transform, assuming a new guise, is momentarily arrested.
Each individual detail oats, free-standing, in its particular space, consuming the observer’s attention until the sated eye is able only to perceive a large area punctuated by luminous, isolated blotches of colour, to which it clings until the next aspect is glimp- sed.
In gurative terms, this theme can be translated into our efforts to reappraise our authenticity as a company with the aid of increased transparency. We are not afraid to address dif culties or disclose things which are »a little rough around the edges«, instead endeavouring to nd solutions and proceed to the next step.