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Collection SS23 — Handle with care

The seeds of our current collection were sown under the figurative pitched roof of a greenhouse. A microcosm of our ecosystem, its delicate glass walls hint at the fragility of our protective structures. Both inside and out, nature’s inherent circularity prompts reconsideration of our interactions with the environment we depend on, bringing into focus the deep entanglement of the smallest organisms with the infinite whole.


Art Direction & Set Design: Jakub Kubica
Photos: Evelyn Bencicova
Garments: Helena Stölting
Make up: Astrid Mogren, Sophie
Production: Claudia Hoess, Jakub Kubica, Michael Oehler
Production Assistants: Aldo Reichmann, Alisha Rempel, Wei Jen Wang
Models: Calissa, Lisa, Ringo; Zhanat

Many thanks to Gartenbau Schulz, Bergsdorf.