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Lookbook HW 21.22



"There is a crack in everything, that´s where the light comes in."

- Leonard Cohen


So much is falling apart around us. With dreams shattering every day, we’re left to pick up the shards of our previous lives. The pandemic is pushing us to our limits, and its consequences will be visible for a long time to come. In Japan, broken ceramics are lovingly and painstakingly put back together by hand using the mending technique of kintsugi meaning 'golden joinery' through which cracks are lled with gold dust. Scars are not hidden but rendered visible, enhancing the value of the piece - perhaps the original form of upcycling. To us, kintsugi has become a metaphor for the current situation, and a guiding motif when questioning how to deal with it. Because as well as being a traditional Japanese technique, kintsugi is a philosophy, a path to resilience paved with breaking points that make us stronger (to borrow from Céline Santini). Our research also led us to the aesthetics of wabi-sabi, in which we found parallels both to modern design and to the Trippen philosophy: the beauty of the simple and the imperfect, paired with an appreciation for the patina of an enduring object. Our latest collection features many fractured details alongside pieces put together again - proposals for new silhouettes and pointed forms made to be worn over and over again.


Discover the new Autumn/ Winter Collection 21.22



















Art Director: @jakub_kubica248
Photographer: @jose___cuevas
Stylist: @rudolfs_packevics
Makeup Artist: @naomzz
Model: @sweet.chillli and @gilsweerwind