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sat black


sat black


sat black



309,00 €

Narrow-cut thigh-high leg warmer with elastic stirrup, which can be worn like a sock within the shoe. The sheath’s uppermost edge features a subtle cut-out at the back for ease of movement, and covers the knee at the front. A short zip on the inside guarantees easy access to the warmers.
(1) ST: Height: 69 cm Width Thigh: 41 cm Width Calf: 34 cm
(2) LT: Height: 74 cm Width Thigh: 45 cm Width Calf: 38 cm
(3) SW: Height: 69 cm Width Thigh: 50 cm Width Calf: 39 cm
(4) LW: Height: 74 cm Width Thigh: 54 cm Width Calf: 43 cm

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