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Staying Home Design Challenge

The second challenge was to design a pair of Trippen shoes. Again, we received fantastic designs and were happy that in the end the social media Trippen community chose the winner Stephanie Edelhofer from our favourites! With a virtual composition of different elements on the Box sole, Stefanie Edelhofer has created a true masterpiece and was chosen as the winner with over 1500 Likes on Instagram and Facebook. We immediately turned the shoe into reality! The ways and techniques to create your dream pair of Trippen were so different and individual, so full of love and artistic enthusiasm, that it was really not easy to compare and select one design with the other. We loved the very free artistic designs, the experimental collages and also the detailed drawings which show an intensive examination of our shoes - we thank you for all this!

The shoe of the same name Edelhofer is also available on the website!

[**Shop Edelhofer**](https://en.trippen.com/products/edelhofer-f "")