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Staying Home Shooting Challenge

We were all required to stay at home and only leave the house for urgent matters. How often had we wished to spend more time at home. To have more time for ourselves or with our loved ones. Finally sorting out the wardrobe or reading the book you bought months ago. But when you had the chance to do all these things, you felt unmotivated and had the feeling that the ceiling was falling on your head. Suddenly you were missing the walk to work and the casual direct conversation with your colleagues, but also the feeling of having done something, a daily routine. To make this time a little more pleasant for our customers, we invited all of you to take part in various challenges.

In the first one, you could send in pictures of a small home shooting with Trippen shoes or post them on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #stayinghomewithtripping. Since there was a tie for third place in the end, we promptly decided to announce four winners. Each of them was allowed to configure a pair of shoes in our Made4You. We would like to thank all participants for the creative entries and incredibly great news! Especially in these days, the support we received from all the photos from the Trippen community was great. The decision was not easy for us but in the end, the whole Trippen team voted for these 4 participants!

Photo 1 @chrstnstll
Photo 2 Igor
Photo 3 @ogbitse
Photo 4 @spaceparis