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Trippen's Exhibition „Balance“

On 15th January Trippen celebrated the opening of „Balance“ at the Trippen Concept Store together with UY and the presentation of their collaboration during Berlin Fashion Week. The exhibition is inspired by Trippen’s SS 19 collection. The latest collection is based around the theme of „Balance“. The state of our contemporary condition feels more ever more fractured. When politics, economics, social values and the digital sphere splinter into increasingly polarised positions on a global and local scale, the art of finding balance and serenity amongst it all takes on a newfound sense of urgency. Yet, as attempts to compromise, reconcile and seek common ground are met with and confrontation, equilibrium remains elusive. How to keep our footing amidst the precarity? To investigate this question on a material level, we created a mobile to seek inspiration in its colours, movements and form. A study in equipoise, the mobile embodies the fragility of balance in today’s spiralling world. Each element is dependent on the others to keep the mobile together. Remove one, and the entire structure collapses. However, when buoyed by their respective counterweights, the mobile’s parts have the chance to evolve, both individually and as a whole. You are warmly invited to visit the exhibition until 7th of July from Monday to Saturday, 11 am - 7 pm at Potsdamer Strasse 100 in Berlin.

Concept: Jakub Kubica