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Lookbook FS20



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The approaching 2020 Summer Collection theme is REFORM, which stemmed from our work on symbols for our sustainability skills and weekly reminders courtesy of the Fridays for Future demonstrations.

Reform movements naturally emerged as a result of the industrial developments in the mid-19th century. Aside from the design of industrial manufacturing, these movements primarily focussed on improving the standards of living for workers.
Each generation has a reform movement. Today, as far as climate policy is concerned the youth are fighting for a fundamental rethink. However, the current information on climate change is so far-reaching even scientists have struggled to grasp the impact and enormity of our actions.
It appears the increase of wealth and prosperity across the globe is contributing to the destruction of our planet. If only more people would question their actions and take even a small step towards making a change, we may then potentially buy the time required for scientists and politicians to devise alternative solutions.
For us, REFORM means the reevaluation and rethinking of what we had previously lost hope in. Given the sincerity of this topic, we began to question all aspects of our manufacturing process. For example, the leather we use, which we previously considered as the non-plus ultra in materials and thus non-negotiable, the Petro rubber to create our durable soles, and the artisan production in a high-wage country besides much more.
A great deal of research and experimenting has been dedicated by ourselves, which never failed to initiate the pause for thought that directed us towards incorporating fresh alternatives into our collection. Together with CASE STUDIES, we stitched up new uppers and embarked on a series of vegan experiments to develop an anatomically shaped crepe sole.
Whilst we will continue our research and development in this area, the experiments we have made so far, also led us to the conclusion that we value every product we had created up until now. Our love for leather, the knowledge behind its material qualities and uniqueness as well as the sustainability and durability of our soles are key elements of our work. What’s more, we found that the approach we had conscientiously put under scrutiny already included the sustainable production methods, environmentally friendly tanning processes and treatments for the materials, to be as transparent and comprehensible as possible.
Above all, we believe we are working with the pleasure in the longevity of a product that at the very least is making a small contribution to RETHINK AND REFORM!





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