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P100 Event Valentin Tszin & Daniel Williams, Bonnie

Valentin Tszin & Daniel Williams, Bonnie
at Trippen Concept Store P100

This event was the first edition of an event series curated by Jakub Kubica and Oli Schrei Doch (ORDEN)taking place at Trippen’s Concept Store P100.

Valentin Tszin teamed up with sound artist Daniel Williams to create an audio-visual performance which involved P100, as a playful setting of his very own vision. Tszin's body of work varies greatly in scale; he works across a contrasting range of formats, from ascetic solos to intricate group concepts. Whether or not art needs frame or context surely does separate the spirits. This time it had both, since Bonnie arranged two DJ sets before and after Tszin’s appearance.

This was an event outside the limits of club culture, while we’re tried to find new ways of how to present electronic music and its artistic value, at the bright and nothingless challenging scenery of Trippen’s P100.

Photo: Evelyn Bencicova Photo: yozyphotography