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Trippen's 25th Anniversary Exhibition

A quarter century. Throughout the evolution, this remains true: the more things change, the more they stay the same. Upon the occasion of our 25th anniversary, Trippen invites you to step inside its aesthetic world, and to witness its journey over the decades - one that’s closely aligned with that of the city in which it was born. Along the way, the spirit of independence and subversion that Trippen shares with Berlin has remained steadfast in its commitment to creative freedom, individuality and experimentation. For ‚Essence of Identity‘, Trippen’s new P100 project space sets the scene for an installation which pays tribute to the label’s life cycles. A custom-designed aluminium box filled with water explores the concept of time’s passage - a constant trajectory of movement, while the essence remains constant. Visitors are invited to explore Trippens development chronologically from 1993 to the present, with highlights like its coming of age in Berlin with the „Closed“ collection 1994 or its 1996 foray into the Japanese market. All throughout, the label’s core identity and unique visual language, based upon its iconic sole and graphic silhouettes, is visible. Elsewhere in the space, a series of collages representing two new shoe designs currently in production, and two pairs of deconstructed shoes from the collection, offers an insight into Trippen‘s unique production process. All models are crafted in Zehdenick, Brandenburg, or by family-run ateliers in Northern Italy, constructed with high quality leather sourced exclusively through European suppliers. A corner of green mass brings the outside within, denoting the emphasis Trippen places on sustainability and social responsibility. Untouched by industry convention and seasonal trends, Trippen continues to set the pace of its own life cycle - one that remains timelessly avant garde, inspired by both the past and the possibilities of the future. Concept: Michael Oehler, Jakub Kubica