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trippen manufacture in Zehdenick:
Centering local production on social responsibility

We rediscovered the former GDR shoe production town 60 km north of Berlin and started there with former workers from the shoe and textile industries.

"When we started with wooden shoes in my old workshop in Kreuzberg we heard from a former DDR Shoe factory in Zehdenick that had gone bankrupt. We went there and bought a cutting machine, sewing machines and a lot of boxes. Five Years later, when we’d already produced more than 10,000 pairs of wooden shoes a season, we decided to look for a more professional staff and remembered Zehdenick. We returned and talked the former CEO of the shoe factory to produce 1000 pairs within a month with 4-5 colleagues. We needed to support them a lot, but finally they managed and we started our wooden shoe production in Zehdenick. That little production grew to 45.000 pairs. Then sales plunged, so we developed a new product. The Cup Collection was born.”

– Michael Oehler, CEO

Repair Workshop:
We created an infrastructure to repair trippen shoes

Penna collection: Simplifying shoe construction and avoiding plastic reinforcements