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Repair Workshop:
We created an infrastructure to repair trippen shoes

We believe that transparency has to continue with the customer.
This means that a product has to be durable to make it last and avoid unnecessary waste. Shoes are a very complex product that consists of many different materials and it is very difficult to dispose of them in an ecologically-friendly way. That’s why offer our customers to resole and fix worn-out shoes to prolong their life.

"Since the workshop’s beginning, we’ve collected over 18 tons of worn out rubber soles in our repair workshop.”

– Mehmet Ucar, Shoemaker

Not only does trippen use durable materials and high-quality leathers that age beautifully, but our design philosophy is unique yet timeless – as attested to by our extensive selection of over 1600 styles – beginning in 1993 and still on offer today. Our design process considers the future repair element so that most parts can easily be exchanged and fixed.

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Closed Collection: Simplifying resoling through interchangeable shoe parts

trippen manufacture in Zehdenick:
Centering local production on social responsibility