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Style: Mehmet


Penna collection: Simplifying shoe construction and avoiding plastic reinforcements

The aim was to combine maximum comfort, function and a new design with a simplified manufacturing process to facilitate production in Germany at competitive prices. Following the construction of a moccasin, in the Penna Collection soft leather uppers are sewn onto flexible sole units. This allows for an almost complete avoidance of solvent-based adhesive in the production process. The sole is designed like a trampoline and works without any additional foams. During the rolling motion, the sole, with its concave shape, offers maximum possible shock absorption, while the foot can shape its own anatomically formed insole in the felt layer beneath the inner leather sock. The seams typical of a Moccasin-type construction have been developed further and perform a form-giving function. This makes additional reinforcements unnecessary. The production process is based on traditional handicraft. Variations of up to a few millimetres in size are inevitable. Accordingly, every shoe is unique.

Awards: 2004 Good Design Award

trippen manufacture in Zehdenick:
Centering local production on social responsibility

Waterbased glue: Improving environmental
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