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'Walk the Talk' - Herrmann Germann Conspirators at P100

Trippen and Herrmann Germann Conspirators presented the group exhibition "Walk the Talk", opening simultaneous with the Berlin Gallery Weekend and featuring works by Jonas Baumann, Fritz Bornstück, Daniel Karrer, Fee Kleiss and Sebastian Utzni. ‘Walk the Talk’ means something akin to ‘be what you say’. The works shown reveal more than just themselves: they contain viewpoints and findings, or their visible contemporaneousness is lent a kind of real presence. Means of production and subjects are closely linked, they complement and extent each other. The exhibition mixed genres and combined painting, sculpture and video and showed the works alongside shoes by Trippen. In this context, the performance 'Fleischliche Freuden' by Grazyna Roguski cured by Natalie Keppler was shown. Concept: Herrmann Germann Conspirators