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Karma / Kismet: Recycling leather cut-offs and
85% recycled rubber soles

We constructed leather uppers from leather cut-offs by cutting, sciving and glueing small rectangles together. The soles are made from 85% granulated, worn-out soles from our resolings and 15% PU, while the footbed consists of felt made from recycled plastic bottles.

"In this project we learned a lot about recycling our shoes: about the compromises we need to make with the binder polyurethane for the granules from our soles. We can recycle a high percentage of our soles: 85%, but we can’t recycle those again. About resources from our shoes: Although we initially collected enough old soles from our repair workshop to be able to tackle further sole projects, 18 tons, the colored leather scraps were quickly used up. In the end, we spent the most time sorting them.”

– Claudia Hoess, Designer

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Aware: Vegan, plastic-free and 98%
biodegradable sneakers with upcycle uppers

Clearcut / Enfold: Rubber sole that can be recycled multiple times