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Aware: Vegan, plastic-free and 98%
biodegradable sneakers with upcycle uppers

We created a sneaker made from repurposed linen mailbags with a layered natural rubber sole that organises all necessary support to avoid plastic reinforcements. A cork footbed and cotton lining provide a comfy feeling inside.

"The idea was easy: a simple sneaker, vegan, plastic-free and compostable. We looked for used textiles for the upper materials, for natural materials for the footbed and sole. In doing so, we quickly reached limits. How to get our shoe water resistant “without chemicals”? The sole construction became very complex, as we had to sew several layers together to achieve the support and protection functions. We have learned from this: on the one hand to value the versatile qualities of our traditional upper material: leather, and on the other hand we’ve set up a knitting studio to be able to develop new materials for the uppers.”

– Karl Hoess, Designer

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