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Style: Salt


XO Collection:
Avoiding plastic reinforcements on heel shoes

x+os 2006: The name describes the shape of the sole: a cross and two oval shapes. In order to minimise weight, the contact surface has been reduced to a narrow wedge in the middle, while the cross under the heel guarantees lateral stability. In the front section, two oval shapes reflect the anatomical form and support the ball and the toes. In terms of construction, the x+os collection resembles the Penna series, but looks even more feminine and elegant thanks to the 4.5 cm high sole. The shafts of the x+os collection are characterised by unique exterior raw seams, which stabilise the shoes while doubling as an effective eye-catcher.

Awards: iF product design award, German Shoe and Leather Goods Award, nominated for the German Design Award 2008

Waterbased glue: Improving environmental
impact and working conditions

Expanding in Zehdenick: Reducing distances by
concentrating production in one place