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Karma f                    Kismet f

Karma m                   Kismet m

Karma / Kismet

Upper made of regenerated leather scraps;
sole made of 85% recycled post consumer soles and 15% PUR.

In the first season of the t-project, our primary goal was to create a shoe that was ideally 100% up-cycled. We had already amassed over 18 tons of worn-out and B-quality soles and had devised a preliminary method for transforming them into new rubber sheets. Concurrently, we took the accumulated larger leather cutouts and developed a "new/old material". We cut them into small rectangles and glued them together to form new leather sheets. These sheets were then finished by sanding, resulting in a smooth new texture, mixing almost imperceptibly the different vegetable- or metal-free tanned leather patches. To enhance the shoe's comfort, we integrated a felt footbed made from recycled plastic bottles.
Karma and Kismet are the slipper version of Aura and Ambience, respectively with the squared and rounded toes shape.