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Aware f
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Upper made of up-cycled textiles (beige vintage Belgian linen mailbags / post consumer blue jeans / green military tent tarpaulins) and cotton lining;
sole made of three layers of natural rubber and cork insoles.

Aware is a vegan, plastic-free, 98% vegetable-based pair of sneakers. These materials can break down much easier at the end of their life, making it as close as you could get to a biodegradable sneaker. While researching for less impactful materials, we learned that innovative leather alternatives are mostly based on synthetic ingredients and are neither as beautiful nor as robust as leather. Then we came across Belgian mail bags made of sturdy linen from the 60s, and we decided to stick to the old-school, functional, and natural materials. The up-cycled canvas from vintage Belgian mailbags, post-consumer blue jeans, or military tents is combined with a soft cotton lining. The inner footbed is made of natural cork and covered with cotton, and the sole was developed as an innovative structure made of natural rubber. All the necessary support functions are taken over by the three sewn sole layers, making extra reinforcing materials unnecessary. Just for the stitching do we need the strength that only polyester yarn can guarantee.