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Die Werte


Trippen has always tried to do an honest pricing policy and refusing seasonal sales. The price of our shoes has been defined by materials and production costs without including marketing.
When we started producing our shoes in Zehdenick in 1998, we were in the upper wage level in the region, a little supported by a mixed calculation of the cheaper production in Italy. Then came the financial crisis in 2009 and the massive changes in the fashion industry. In order to keep our jobs in Zehdenick, we have brought Italian production to Brandenburg. In recent years, without the support of Italian production, we have refrained from raising wages, because we were very concerned that a higher price would endanger jobs. In 2019, after many discussions and long deliberations, we decided to increase prices by 17.5% for summer 2021 in order to return to honest prices with fair wages in our production and the necessary investments in social media. Despite Corona, we have decided to remain true to ourselves and keep our promises.

Also, this is sustainability, and we do hope for your understanding!





We believe that sustainability has to continue with the customer.
This means that the product has to be durable to make it last and avoid unnecessary waste.
Shoes are a very complex product that consists of many different materials and it is very difficult to dispose of them ecologically, therefore we offer our customers to resole and fix worn-out shoes in our workshop to prolong their life.
We are not only using durable materials and high-quality leathers that are ageing beautifully, but also Trippen design is unique yet timeless which we prove with our extensive selection of over 1600 styles made from 1993 that we still offer until now.
Our design also takes into consideration the future repair element, so most parts can easily be exchanged and fixed.

We are huge advocates of the philosophy to choose well, buy less and make it last.