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Our Collections

Closed 1993 The Closed collection concept: A durable, anatomically-shaped shoe which can be disassembled into its individual components. Consumers are encouraged to participate actively in decisions related to the environment and their own well-being. At the same time, the collection must fulfil aesthetic requirements as well as ensuring that ecological and social responsibility remains a mainstay of production methods.





The Closed have removable soles and insoles. Each pair comes with an anatomically formed cork insole, covered with vegetable-tanned calf leather. Besides the regular shape, they are also available in a sanded-down version. The rubber soles are sewn to the intermediate sole and upper rather than glued. This patented technique allows the soles to be detached, renewed and returned to the production process. Three men's and five ladies' Closed sole models are currently available.

The shapes of lasts and sole units as well as the types of materials used remain unchanged. As a result, the major challenge lies in creating innovations in terms of pattern technique. Over the years, Trippen has developed its own design language in this respect, which bears no relation to conventional shoe patterns. Lines and sculptured shapes are constant themes in the designs. New silhouettes transcend traditional ways of seeing, while experimental patterns permit unorthodox designs. Despite the delight taken in experimentation, these designs are also invariably based on functional considerations.





The Closed-Elk collection is a response to the search for a material which envelops the foot with the same degree of aesthetic skill as a pullover embraces the body. The softness and comfort of elk leather is simply incomparable. Its high elasticity means that many conventional cutting lines are not possible, so new, extremely original ideas evolve. In terms of sole construction, the Closed Sandals resemble the other Closed collections. The hand-made insole is made up of up to five layers of felt and covered with leather, though. So each foot shapes its individual footbed.

The collections are not replaced every season, rather existing styles remain available. They are continually modernised by adding new colours and leathers and gradually develop into classics.

Awards: Baden-Württemberg International Design Award, I.D. International Design Award, Good Design Award, German Federal Ecodesign Award 2013





Cup 1998 The idea behind the Cups: to mirror the feeling of walking barefoot. An ergonomic shoe with a modern look and a spectacularly light wearing sensation. The two separate sole units resemble shells which safely protect the heel and the ball, while the upper is soft and flexible. The insole is made of thick, vegetable-tanned leather, which is moulded around a form in shape of a foot. The resulting footbed supports the arch of the foot, simultaneously forming the skeleton of the shoe.

The rubber sole is sewn on with a strong yarn, giving the shoe a robust and uniquely handmade look. As an alternative to the rubber sole, the Cup designs are also available with a crepe sole made of 100% natural rubber - perfectly complementing the increasingly important theme of sustainable fashion. The men's Cups turn out about one size larger.

AWARDS: Good Design Awards in Japan and the USA, Red Dot Award





Penna 2003 The aim was to combine maximum comfort, function and a new design with a simplified manufacturing process in order to facilitate production in Germany at competitive prices. In accordance with the construction of a moccasin, in the Penna collection soft leather uppers are sewn onto flexible sole units. This allows for an almost complete avoidance of solvent-based adhesive in the production process.

During the rolling motion, the sole, with its concave shape, offers maximum possible shock absorption, whereas the foot can shape its own anatomically formed insole in the felt layer beneath the inner leather sock. The seams typical of a Moccasin-type construction have been developed further and perform a form-giving function. This makes additional reinforcements unnecessary. The production process is based on traditional handicraft. Variations of up to a few millimetres in size are inevitable. Thus every shoe is unique.

Awards: 2004 Good Design Award





x + os 2006 The name describes the shape of the sole: a cross and two oval shapes. In order to minimise weight, the contact surface has been reduced to a narrow wedge in the middle, while the cross under the heel guarantees lateral stability. In the front section, two oval shapes reflect the anatomical form and support the ball and the toes. In terms of construction, the x + os collection resembles the Penna series, but looks even more feminine and elegant thanks to the 4.5 cm high sole. The shafts of the x+os collection are characterised by the unique exterior raw seams, which stabilise the shoes as well as acting as an effective eye-catcher.

Awards: iF product design award, German Shoe and Leather Goods Award, nominated for German Design Award 2008





Box 2008 The Box collection is concerned with the development of a modern platform sole. The walking surface is reduced to two cubes. The rubber soles are sewn to the upper using a thick yarn. The seam between the sole and the shaft can be unravelled easily. Both parts - sole and shaft - can be recycled separately. Embedded air chambers and soles' rubber material provide optimum shock absorption, while the full grain leather insole stabilises the construction and guarantees an excellent fit.

AWARDS: 2009 Good Design Award, nominated for German Design Award 2011

Happy 2008 The Happy collection combines the appeal of high heels with our standards of comfort and function. The innovative platform sole made from rubber has an 8 cm high heel and is sewn to the upper using a thick yarn. This eliminates the need for solvent-based adhesive during the attachment of the sole almost entirely. Rubber is highly durable, flexible and recyclable. A specially developed internal construction stabilises the sole unit. Elaborately positioned air chambers reduce the weight. Together with the material itself, they guarantee excellent shock absorption. The variety of styles ranges from minimalist classics to experimental designs.

Awards: 2009 Good Design Award, nominated for German Design Award 2011





Wood 1991 The Trippen wooden shoes unite old-fashioned handicraft techniques with modern design. We create unusual sole shapes using indigenous timber. Combined with varied leather uppers, shoe sculptures develop. The unlaquered soles offer maximum comfort. The leather slowly moulds to the foot, and the sole's open surface not only lets the foot breathe freely, but also allows skin and muscles to regenerate... simply art to wear. Inspirations for the wooden shoes range from architecture, art and politics to fashion. We use alder, beech and poplar timber for our wooden shoes. The nature of the design determines which wood is used. Thanks to the diverse grain of the wood, each pair of wooden shoes is unique.

Kids 2003 We produce our children's shoes in our own production facilities in Brandenburg, Germany, using the best materials available. Unlike the shoes for adults, the children's shoes have no middle sole or insole, but soft crepe soles which are very flexible and particularly suitable for children's sensitive feet. This sole is sewn to the upper – not glued. The children's shoes come in widths S, M and L. They also turn out about one size bigger than usual. All ankle-high styles are available either with leather or genuine sheepskin lining.





Apex 2012 The Apex collection constitutes a reduction to the essential by combining all-natural materials such as leather, crepe rubber and wood. The crepe sole, which is 2 cm high in the front section, encloses a 3.5 cm-high poplar wedge, rounded at the heel. This wedge reduces the total weight of the sole. The sole is sewn to the upper. This mechanical fastening ensures an almost complete avoidance of solvent-based adhesive in the attachment of the sole and allows worn soles to be removed and replaced. Each pair comes with an anatomically formed cork insole, covered with vegetable-tanned calf leather. Besides the regular shape, they are also available in a sanded-down version.

Splitt 2012 The Splitt collection was conceived as a sporty, wintertime alternative to the x+os collection. The modern, timeless wedge sole has a heel height of 6 cm. Air chambers minimise its weight. Gaps in the sole increase the sole’s flexibility and thus improve the rolling motion when walking. The grained contact surface, inspired by the loose chippings used as road surfacing in winter, provides optimum grip and supplied the name for the collection. The sole is made entirely from rubber. The sole is sewn to the upper - not glued. This mechanical fastening eliminates the need for solvent-based adhesives. Moreover, worn soles can be removed and recycled. As with all our collections, the models are available on a long-term basis. When combined with different shades and types of leather, this results in a unique product selection.

Awards: 2013 Good Design Award, iF product design award 2014, Special Mention 2015 German Design Award





Sport 2012 The Sport collection is inspired by and develops the Box sole. We decided to offer our customers another unique type of platform sole. According to our philosophy, it is sewn, not glued, in order to eliminate the need for solvent-based adhesives. Embedded air chambers reduce the weight and provide optimum shock absorption. A full grain leather insole stabilises the construction and guarantees an excellent fit. The raised base allows the shoe to be worn without the risk of moisture seeping in. The sole’s profile, which we cut in two and reassembled, is based on the texture of standard rubber sheeting. This allowed us to increase the model's slip resistance in addition to creating a new design.

Awards: 2013 Good Design Award, nominated for German Design Award 2015

Bags 2006 For some time now we have also been producing bags. We have one design in three different sizes. With their adjustable straps, the bags can be worn in many different ways. The strap along the front also protects them against pickpockets. Our bags are made from vegetable-tanned wax leather. This comes from the very same tannery as the leather for our shoes. It develops a beautiful antique look over time. Filling the bags enough but not too much helps to maintain their shape. We launched a new bag in 2013. The »Shopper« is made from a limited number of large panels of soft calf leather. Small items are easy to stow away safely in its handy inner pockets. The lateral zips ensure its design and shape can be varied, producing additional storage space in the process.





Gritt 2014 The new wedge sole with its specially developed inner construction achieves the long-held aim of developing a collection in the tradition of the »Closed«, simultaneously functional yet comfortable, with heels. Like with the »Closed« the rubber soles are sewn to an intermediate sole and the upper rather than glued. This technique allows the soles to be detached and replaced easily. All closed styles come with an anatomically formed cork insole, covered with vegetable-tanned calf leather. Besides the regular shape, they are also available in a sanded-down version.

Wave 2016 The new sole constitutes a further development of the »Cup« collection. Like with the »Cup« the rubber soles are sewn to the upper rather than glued. The continous sole allows the shoe to be worn without the risk of moisture seeping in. The sole’s innovative profile provides optimum grip.





Swan 2018 The undulating, curved sole makes the sporty, stylistically minimalist »Swan« collection instantly recognisable. The slightly offset contact surface and elegant, flowing lines em-phasise the sole's gracefulness and make it appear almost weightless. An insole made of vegetable-tanned leather ensures optimum wearing com¬fort. With its clear stylistic language and inherent function¬ality, the »Swan« collection innovatively reinterprets Trippen's time-honoured tradition.

Accessories 2010 Our »Bracelets« were born from the desire to use materials left over from shoe manufacture in a creative way. As a result, the colours available always vary according to current production. »Doggy« und »Apron« can be used either to decorate long boots or as a shawl or belt.