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Trend Themes




Standing at the water`s edge, you observe the water. Suspended on the surface, the surroundings merge. Shapes are refracted and transformed. The water's surface mirrors and reflects. The objective becomes subjective. Everything is in motion, flowing and changing.  › more




The Autumn/Winter 17.18 collection's trend topic are »vulcanoes«. Heat, ash - and then the big freeze. When Mount Tambora, a volcano on the island of Sumbawa, erupted in April 1815, Switzerland saw snow that same August. Volcanoes mould the shape of the earth.  › more




The Summer 2017 collection is inspired by influences from architecture, painting and photography. A series of photographs taken by a fellow graphic designer, who merges portraits and plant elements including leek roots and chard leaves to create mysterious, simultaneously irritating collages, provided additional stimuli.  › more




The Autumn/Winter 16.17 collection's trend topics are »light« and »matter«. These were inspired by several journeys to the island of Pellestrina in the Adriatic Sea between Chioggia and the Venice Lido. Summer is drawing to a close. The beach is deserted. A strong breeze blows in from the sea. Everything is steeped in the melancholic charm of the nearby city with its lagoon.  › more




The Summer 2016 collection is inspired by themes including transience, reminiscence and perpetuity, prompted by a journey through Veneto.  › more




The Winter 15.16 collection's trend topics are »transformation« and »movement«. This choice was initially inspired by the creative work of English painter Francis Bacon and his depiction of movement and space. Further sources of inspiration were old, slowly corroding coal ships exposed to decay in a kind of "ship graveyard". Time and climatic influences thus transform an originally completely functional structure into a genuine piece of art.  › more




The theme of the Summer 2015 collection is »Tradition and Modernity«. In December 2014 Trippen celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the »Closed« collection. We took this as an opportunity to walk down memory lane and reflect on the origins of our company, its substance and the creative traditions from which it evolved - and to focus on the future in the process...  › more




The Autumn/Winter 14.15 collection's themes are »structure« and »texture«. The models address the construction and nature of things, their shape and spatial order. At the same time, they examine structure pertaining to »cities«.  › more




The theme of the Summer 2014 collection is the interaction between »water«, »air« and »light«.  › more