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Press Clippings

Would you like to set up an interview, are you looking for a particular image or do you have a sample request? Please contact:

Vanessa Wunsch, Public Relations, Trippen A. Spieth, M. Oehler GmbH,
T +49 30 280 49 355, press@trippen.com


01. 02. 2018


Unflop Paper, February 2018

"Young heads" fashion editorial in Unflop Paper featuring Trippen style »Turbo«. Photo: © Byron Mollinedo, Styling: Andrea Horn, Styling assistant: Christina Hasenauer, Hair and make-up: Yvonne Wengler @ Bigoudi, Model: Fryd Resting @ IZAIOMANAGEMENT


16. 01. 2018


VUE/Berlin, January 2018


Fashion Editorial in VUE/Berlin featuring styles of Trippen's Limited collection. Photos und Artwork: © Anka Bardeleben, Styling: Edda Mann, Hair and Make-up: Patricia Heck


08. 11. 2017


Marie Claire Mexico, November 2017


Fashion Editorial in Marie Claire Mexico featuring Trippen x Michael Sontag model »Fold High« Photo: © Izack Morales, Styling: Lisa Filippini, Stylist's Assistant: Joan Tran Hieu, Make-up: Berenice Ammann, Hair: Eduardo Bravo, Model: Masha @ TFM berlin


22. 10. 2017


Solstice Magazine, Oktober 2017


Fashion Editorial »I See You« in Solstice Magazine featuring Trippen model »Cart« Photo: © Jennifer Endom, Styling: Nuria Gregori, Stylist's Assistant: Jennifer Heinen, Hair and Make-up: Jessica Karas Bay, Model: Daniela Dominique @ M4 Models


05. 10. 2017


KALTBLUT, Oktober 2017


Fashion Editorial »Sterne Arctique« by Marcel Schlutt in KALTBLUT Magazine featuring Trippen model »Cart« Photo: © Izack Morales, Styling: Charlotte Gindreau, Model: Terese Nana Yaa @ Izaio Management, Hair and Make-up: Meilynn Lindlar


04. 10. 2017


L'OFFICIEL Australia, October 2017


Fashion Editorial »Body Language« in L'OFFICIEL Australia featuring Trippen model »Brailer« Photo: © Lara Gilles, Styling: Lisa Bender, Models: Shona Lee @ Pearl Management, Zoe Willim @ Iconic Management, Hair and Make-up: Jennifer Galle


11. 09. 2017


PEPPERMYNTA, September 2017


Fashion Editorial in Peppermynta Paper featuring Trippen model »Rock« Photo: © Katharina Oppertshäuser, Styling: Lesley Sevriens, Model: Nina Hnizdo @ Core Management, Hair and Make-up: Evelyn Innerhofer @ Bigoudi, Styling Assistence: Pia Scheiber


02. 08. 2017




Fashion Editorial »Original Essay« in CALEO MAGAZIN feat. Max Bender with Trippen style »Basket«. Photo: © Katja Kat, Styling: Konstantinos Gkoumpetis, Hair & Make up: Creative Beauty Company, Model: Max Bender @ Kult Models


26. 07. 2017


HUF Magazine, July 2017


Photo series in HUF Magazine featuring our summer styles »Tiger« and »Slack«. Photo: © Sebastian Busse, Styling: Lauren V. Craig, Hair & Make-Up: Claudia Fischer, Models: Jason & Raina @ Iconic Management


19. 06. 2017


METAL Magazine, June 2017


Photo series »Sextimental« in METAL Magazine featuring Trippen x Michael Sontag Cooperation »Fold-High«. Photo: © Santiago Perez, Styling: Venessa Arnold, Model: Jessica Luostarinen @ M4 Models Management, Hair and make up: Berenice Ammann


28. 04. 2017


lovesome Magazine, April 2017


Photo shoot in lovesome Magazine featuring our Summer 2017 classic »Tiger«. Photo: © Per Florian Appelgren, Styling & Illustration: Jenny Gold @ Nina Klein, Hair & Make-Up: Mel Goldmann @ Nina Klein, Model: Hanne @ VDM Models


12. 04. 2017


LE MILE #22, April 2017


Picture of our style »Slope« in the Spring issue #N°22 of LE MILE magazine. Photo: Ulrich Hartmann, Styling: Konstantinos Gkoumpetis


09. 02. 2017


TextilWirtschaft, February 2017


Article in issue no. 6 of TextilWirtschaft from 9th February 2017.


06. 02. 2017


MADAME, February 2017


Picture of the style »McCoy« in the February issue of MADAME.


01. 02. 2017


Brigitte, February 2017


Picture of Trippen's style »Rack« in issue no. 4 of Brigitte from February 2017.


01. 02. 2017


DIVA, February 2017


Picture of Trippen's style »Triple« in issue no. 271 of Austrian magazine DIVA from February 2017.


18. 01. 2017


Brigitte, January 2017


Picture of Trippen's style »Brailer« in issue no. 3 of Brigitte from January 2017.


01. 01. 2017


Fashion Today digital, January 2017


FASHION TODAY digital photo shoot under the title »Shades of Grey«, featuring Trippen style »Void«. Photo: © Orion Dahlmann, production and styling: Karsten Pohlai.


15. 11. 2016


MADAME, December 2016


Picture of the style »Egypt« by Trippen for Michael Sontag in the December issue of MADAME.


01. 11. 2016


LIFT magazine, November 2016


Article on the newly opened Trippen store in Stuttgart in the November issue of LIFT magazine.


24. 10. 2016




Editor's Choice - Picture of the style »Layers« in the 6th issue of Austrian magazine VANGARDIST.


15. 07. 2016


ModaiJa Portal Nowoczesnej Kobiety


Article on stylist Ewelina Rydzynska and Trippen, here together with Michael Oehler on the occasion of the presentation of the new Trippen partner shop in Warsaw. Read more http://modaija.pl/ewelina-rydzynska-ambasadorka-niemieckiej-marki-trippen-polsce/


23. 04. 2016


De Standaard Magazine


Publication in the De Standaard Magazine, Belgium.


11. 04. 2016


Le Figaro Style


Article in Le Figaro with a picture of "Hut" (10).


08. 04. 2016




Publication in the latest issue of LUST AUF GUT magazine. Read more... http://www.lust-auf-gut.de/magazine/zum-blaettern/muenchen-nr-67.html


01. 01. 2016




Editorial in the January issue of MMSCENE Magazine, Photo: @ Lucio Aru and Franco Erre, Styling: Dávid Kele, MakeUp Artist: Cindy Kaczmarczyk, Model: Leroy at IZAIO Management Berlin. Top: Reality Studio, Trousers: Richert Beil, Shoes: Trippen style Gospel.


10. 12. 2015


Terrific Fashion by Cristina Morozzi (Editor)


This recently published, really nice book on experimental fashion design includes a picture of the Trippen style "Ajar".


28. 10. 2015


Fine Magazine, November issue


Article in the November issue of Fine magazine on the collaboration between Trippen and the REBIRTH PROJECT of Japanese actor Yusuke Iseya.


17. 10. 2015


De Standaard Magazine


Publication in the De Standaard Magazine, Belgium.


01. 09. 2015


tip supplement »Style«, September 2015


Picture of Trippen's style »Blank« in the supplement »Style« of tip magazine Berlin from September 2015.


06. 08. 2015


Deux Hommes, Photo © Anna Daki


Photo shoot published on Deux Hommes, Photo © Anna Daki, Stylist Dávid Kele, Hair and Makeup Aennikin @ Nude Agency, Model Maria @ Iconic Models, Coat and Pants Aleks Kurkowski, Trippen style »Dream«.


04. 07. 2015


VUE/Berlin Nr.9 Photo © Sylwia Makris


Photo shoot in the latest issue of VUE/Berlin, photo © Sylwia Makris, styling and production Elisa Gianna Gerlach, amongst others with Trippen style »Layers«.


01. 07. 2015


Mug Magazine #25


Article in the latest issue of Mug Magazine. Read more... issuu.com/mugmagazine/docs/ubth_mug_magazine_25_15_screen/73?e=1027505/14442763


01. 06. 2015


ELLE Japan No. 368


BRANDS TO CHECK! in ELLE Japan, including, among others, Trippen styles »Zen«, »Nepal« and »Orinoco«.


01. 03. 2015


Eclectic Magazine, Photo © Lucio Aru & Franco Erre


Editorial in the latest issue of Eclectic Magazine, photo © Lucio Aru & Franco Erre, stylist Veronika Dorosheva, amongst others with shoes by Trippen.


01. 01. 2015


Louis Vuitton City Guide Berlin


The latest issue of the Louis Vuitton city guide Berlin, among others, also recommends a visit to the Trippen Gallery.


01. 12. 2014


CÓDIGO Winter 2014/15


The latest issue of Mexican art, design and fashion magazine CÓDIGO, including amongst others an article about Trippen. Read more...


15. 10. 2014


SCHUHVERLIEBT Autumn/Winter 2014/15


The latest issue of SCHUHVERLIEBT, including a portrait of Trippen.


1. 09. 2014


SUPERIOR DIGITAL September 2014, Photo © Fabian Blaschke


We´re delighted to be part of SUPERIOR DIGITAL's editorial FASHION LOCALS - in cooperation with the LNFA Conceptstore at BIKINI Berlin. Have a look here... issuu.com/superiormagazine/docs/superior_digital_september_2014


23. 06. 2014


FOCUS 26/14


The latest trends from Berlin include a Trippen "XXL Bag".


1. 04. 2014




Japanese lifestyle magazine EYESCREAM features "Regatta", a style from Trippen's Sport collection.


31. 03. 2014


Workman Calendar 2014


Page a day Gallery Calendar by Workman Publishing, New York featuring an image of "Dream".


20. 03. 2014


Exhibition catalogue "Birds of Paradise"


Birds of Paradise Current exhibition in the ModeMuseum Antwerp on the application of plumes and feather in fashion, featuring, amongst others, creations by Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent, Ann Demeulemeester...
Pictured in the catalogue "Ibis", a style from our wooden range.

For further information on the exhibition please visit www.momu.be


01. 03. 2014




MUST WEAR The latest issue of KALTBLUT Magazine features pictures from Marc Stone's runway show at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. Together with Marc Stone clothing the models wear Tecidofino underwear and Trippen shoes. To the issue www.kaltblut-magazine.com


18. 02. 2014




LUST AUF GUT is not about high culture vs. design vs. knickknack. It is also not about classifications. Instaed it is about a holistic approach to culture. Find out more about the magazine at www.lust-auf-gut.de/magazine/zum-blaettern/muenchen-nr-28.html


12. 11. 2013


Trade Journal "Schuhkurier"


Article on the occasion of Trippen's nomination for the German Federal Ecodesign Award 2013. You can find more information on the award at http://www.bundespreis-ecodesign.de


09. 07. 2013


"Der Fritz"


The magazine for culture and lifestyle on a visit to our production in Zehdenick. To the article http://www.hilker-berlin.de/de/familie/alltag/trippen


Winter 2012


OE magazine Issue 4


Photo shoot in the 4th issue of OE magazin, featuring, amongst others, shoes by Trippen. Photo: Jan Mielke


Winter 10.11


VIEW2 magazine


Article on Trippen's philosophy in the 09 issue of VIEW2 magazine.


01. 04. 2010




UK Vogue featuring a pair of Trippen's »South«. Photo © Patrick Demarchelier