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Collecting worn-out shoes: We are collecting 
worn-out trippen shoes at our stores


We started collecting worn-out shoes from our customers to achieve a circular economy – where we recycle rubber soles and leather uppers.


"With this effort, we want to be closer to a circular philosophy”

– Michael Oehler, CEO



Customers are invited to drop off their worn-out shoes in our in-store recycling deposits in Berlin, Cologne and Paris. From there, they’ll be returned to our workshop, where our artisans will reuse leather uppers and recycle the rubber into new trippen soles.

If you’d like to send in your worn-out trippen shoes for recycling, please address the package to: 

Trippen direkt GmbH
Industriestrasse 8
16792 Zehdenick

Energy neutrality:
Producing our own energy

Knitting Lab: Yarns offer a wide range of possibilities for circular processes.