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New Collection AW 18/19

Trippen‘s latest collection Winter 18/19 is based around the theme of »slow speed«. To save time, curated shopping supersedes the search for personal expression. Bestsellers generated by algorithms are increasingly replacing individual design. Life seems to ash by more and more rapidly as a result of the increasing acceleration of information and images. Details blur and are hard to differentiate. You suddenly see everything racing past. Lights become mere indistinct flickers. Pausing for breath hardly seems possible any more, despite the efforts of initiatives like »slow food« and »slow fashion«. Our photographic experiments on the theme of »slow speed« have inspired us to create a host of lines and silhouettes. Movement-based shots recall x-ray images. This was the basis for a collection in which lines alternate with larger surfaces. Distinct strips go hand in hand with elaborate silhouettes, enticing customers to make individual choices.